"Shucking Oysters has delivered the highest and freshest quality of oysters since we have opened this only roof-top restaurant in perth.There timing on delivery's has been very prompt and reliable also.We wish them all the success and know they are now Perths No/1 oyster suppliers."

Monique (Head Chef)

The Conservatory Roof-Top Tapa's Bar Perth

 "Shucking Oysters supplied the oysters for my charity fundraising event recently and I just have to say they were the freshest, plumpest and tastiest oysters I have ever eaten. There were so many comments from the attendees of the event about the oysters I could tell it was just the smartest thing I had done by including them in the fingerfood! Thank you so much to Tsarina for her great customer service and for delivering an excellent product. Let's hope Harry's Bar takes you on, they would be mad not too!"

Kathy Hime

Second Chance To Shine

As a new retailer in the seafood market we welcome reviews from our customers, please feel free to forward us your reviews, so that we can publish them on our website. Thank you. 

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